Christ is Coming Back; Be Ready!

March 28, 2021

Christ is Coming Back; Be Ready!

Christ is Coming Back; Be Ready! - Luke 12:35-48
Theme: Christ calls you to be ready and live, by His grace, in the light of
His second coming.
In this passage we see six illustrations to exhort us to always be ready
as we anticipate our Lord’s return.
I. Be ready by staying dressed for action (v. 35a)
II. Be ready by renewing your minds (v. 35b)
III. Be ready as servants waiting for their master (v. 36-38)
IV. Be ready as a vigilant master of the house (v. 39-40)
V. Be ready as faithful and wise managers (vv. 41-44)
VI. Be ready for the Lord will come to judge (vv. 45-48)

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