Do Not Be Anxious!

Do Not Be Anxious!
March 21, 2021

Do Not Be Anxious!

Passage: Luke 12:22-34
Do Not Be Anxious! - Luke 12:22-34
Theme: Christ calls us to not be anxious but to trust our Father in heaven to graciously provide for us.
Five gospel truths of great comfort that liberate us from a life of anxiety. Do not
be anxious because…
1. God made us for His own glory (vv. 22-23)
2. God cares for us (vv. 24, 27-28)
3. God who loves us is sovereign (vv. 25-26)
4. God is our merciful Father and we are His children in Christ (29-31)
5. God graciously gives us His kingdom and an imperishable inheritance
(vv. 32-34)

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