God’s Promise for the Ages

God’s Promise for the Ages
December 13, 2020

God’s Promise for the Ages

Passage: Romans 4:1-25
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God our loving Father sends trials and afflictions in this life to test His covenant children and graciously draw them closer to Him by faith.
Dios nuestro amante Padre nos manda aflicciones en esta vida para probarnos y acercarnos a él de manera misericordiosa por medio de la fe.


I.Descent into Egypt / Descenso en Egipto (vv. 10-13)

II.Decline in Egypt / Empeoramiento en Egipto (vv. 14-16)


Please join us this Lord’s Day at our usual location as we worship our Triune God! Morning worship service begins at 10:30 am. Christian Education/Sunday School is at 6 pm. 

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