Thy Kingdom Come!

Thy Kingdom Come!
December 6, 2020

Thy Kingdom Come!

Passage: Luke 11:2
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Theme: God calls us to obey His Son and pray for His kingdom to advance.
(Dios nos llama a obedecer a Su Hijo y orar por el progreso de su reino.)

In the second petition, there are three things King Jesus commands us to pray for:
I.The spread of God’s kingdom of grace (El progreso del reino de gracia)

II.The destruction of the devil’s kingdom (la destrucción del reino del diablo)

III.The consummation of the kingdom of glory (la consumación del reino de gloria)


Please join us this Lord’s Day at our usual location as we worship our Triune God! Morning worship service begins at 10:30 am. Christian Education/Sunday School is at 6 pm. 

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